KUALA LUMPUR: Tropicana Corporation Berhad reaffirmed its commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles as it enters the seventh year of its sustainability journey.

Since its start, the developer has emphasised sustainability and green aspects in its developments and distinctive townships.

This includes the development of a thriving ecosystem at its flagship Tropicana Golf & Country Resort, which has over 22,000 plant species and 300 acres of landscapes, as well as renewable energy generation through the installation of more than 2,200 solar panels.

“At Tropicana, we hold the view that development is by nature forward-looking, with the needs of the future implicit across development timescales.

“However, climate change has brought the need for sustainability and compliance to the fore, with diverse and increasingly rigorous requirements across regulatory, financial, and social dimensions.

“With this in mind, we are accelerating the adoption of ESG practises throughout the company, in line with the changing business operating landscape,” said the company’s management.

Tropicana has risen from strength to strength since 2016, with milestones ranging from Tropicana Golf & Country Resort’s pioneering dragonfly pond project for sustainable insect population management to Tropicana Metropark’s windmill bio-filtration technology for its 4.41-acre lake.

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