Seremban 2 (S2) township, developed by IJM Land, has grown remarkably since 1995 garnering numerous prestigious awards. This growth has led to a surge in demand, not only for residential properties but also for commercial offerings within the self-contained township.

With a current residential occupancy rate of 62,000, the population at S2 is witnessing remarkable growth and is projected to exceed 100,000 upon completion in tandem with the growth trajectory of the surrounding developments. The township’s expanding population and the influx of visitors provide a ready customer base, creating a vibrant market for commercial enterprises.

Nexus, aptly named to refer to a central and focal point, will be a highly sought-after commercial hub that offers freehold lifestyle shops while serving as a gateway to connectivity, convenience, and commercial success.

To meet the needs of residents and visitors alike, it is crucial to have a diverse range of commercial constituents. In this regard, Nexus Seremban 2, strategically located at the heart of the township, holds immense potential to become a thriving commercial hub.

With its strategic position, it presents an excellent opportunity for businesses to establish a presence in this dynamic and growing community. By becoming a part of Nexus Seremban 2, businesses can tap into the existing infrastructure and amenities of the township. The area is well-equipped with modern facilities, including residential properties, educational institutions, healthcare centers, and recreational spaces that ensure a constant flow of potential customers.

In addition to its commercial appeal, Nexus Seremban 2 also offers opportunities for collaboration and networking. The presence of various businesses within the hub creates an environment where synergies can be explored. This collaborative atmosphere will contribute to the success of the businesses operating within Nexus Seremban 2.

The land on which Nexus is located will be divided into two phases, with one phase dedicated to lifestyle shop offices and the other designated as the central commercial land, which has the potential to be developed into a future retail space. Within this 21.42-acre plot, a total of 166 freehold shops will be constructed.

Phase 1 comprises 147 units of 2-storey lifestyle shop offices and 19 units of another 2-storey lifestyle shop offices that will come with a sub-basement car park. The gross built-up area ranges from 3,455 sf to 10,559 sf, with prices starting from RM1.39 million. It is projected that the Gross Development Value (GDV) for Nexus will be approximately RM300 million.

The architectural design of these shop offices combines retro vibes with a timeless facade, exuding a distinct character. With prominent frontages, large display windows, and modular interiors for easy renovations, these shops are perfectly suited for various businesses and lifestyle propositions catering to S2 residents and visitors.

The grand launch of Nexus is scheduled for Q3 of this year, promising an exciting debut of this highly anticipated project.


The commercial units at Nexus offer excellent value, presenting a promising opportunity for a potential stream of rental income and capital appreciation. Previous projects, such as IKON at Centrio and The Plazo at S2 Heights have demonstrated a high take-up rate, indicating a similar sales trend anticipated for Nexus. This projection considers the investment potential and supply-demand dynamics, taking into account the steady growth trajectory of the township.

Furthermore, IJM Land is set to expand S2 with a dedicated 400-acre development known as S2 Heights Aman, conveniently located just a 10-minute drive away from Nexus. This comprehensive plan encompasses nine phases, featuring linked homes- and semi-detached homes, as well as versatile shop lots. With approximately 1,742 units scheduled for construction, the first launch is planned for Q3. For sheer exclusivity, there are also two new landed residential developments to look forward to in Q4 and also later in Q1 of 2024. All S2 neighbourhoods, both mature and emerging, will benefit from easy access to Nexus for their essential needs and lifestyle requirements.

The prospects for sustained growth and appreciation of both residential and commercial properties in the vicinity are significant. Combined with innovative development features and vibrant neighbourhoods, the demand for these properties is expected to remain robust in the foreseeable future.

“Commercial properties situated in prime locations, including Nexus, have consistently demonstrated their resilience,” explained Mr Chai Kian Soon, Senior General Manager of IJM Land. “Prudent investors can enjoy favourable returns and healthy recurring rental income throughout different property market dynamics.”



Commercial properties have long been regarded as a secure investment option. These tangible assets provide steady yields and hold significant value when strategically located. The Klang Valley has historically been a preferred choice for investors due to its proximity to the city center, familiarity, and limited availability of land. However, affordability constraints have made it challenging for homebuyers, upgraders, and investors to drive property prices up without substantial increases in income. Looking ahead, the market is expected to be supported by wage growth.

As a result, there is a noticeable shift in interest from the traditional core markets near the city center due to supply and the aforementioned affordability factors. Investors have recognised the prudence of exploring opportunities in areas slightly further out. As a result, satellite townships with excellent infrastructure, such as S2, have consistently enjoyed the benefit of this prevailing trend.

“Despite the changing market dynamics, there continues to be strong demand with new businesses identifying an affluent customer base at S2 as their target demographics,” explained Mr. Chai. “In addition, existing businesses that are doing well here are also looking to expand with new branches and outlets. This bodes well for investors who are non-business owners are able to command a steady stream of rental income yield from their investments. These factors are expected to drive prices higher and create favourable conditions for the commercial units at Nexus, which are supported by strong underlying fundamentals.”


Moving forward, the commercial components in Nexus present a promising asset class with substantial potential for capital value appreciation. The increasing demand from the surrounding areas will further fuel this growth. Additionally, each neighbourhood within Nexus offers its own private, community-friendly amenities, enhancing the overall living experience. The commercial components in Nexus perfectly complement these residential areas.

These include the breathtaking 15-acre City Park for residents to unwind and connect with nature with ample green spaces to roam around and explore in a carefree manner. Additionally, the 30-acre Hill Park offers a serene retreat with stunning views and tranquillity for all to enjoy. For an exclusive experience, residents have access to the prestigious S2 Clubhouse, which provides a range of upscale facilities and services.

Residents will find convenient access to a variety of shopping malls, retail hubs, and hypermarkets to meet their shopping needs. Aeon Mall, Mydin Mall, S2 Centrio, Uptown Avenue, NSK Trade City, Lotus’s Hypermarket, Seremban Gateway, Palm Mall, and more are within short driving distances. Other essential conveniences include proximity to medical centers, such as SEHAT Healthcare Centre, Columbia Asia Hospital, KPJ Seremban Specialist Hospital, and Klinik Kesihatan Seremban 2.

The availability of numerous public and international schools within close proximity in the township is a significant advantage. Educational institutions such as SK/SMK Seremban 2, SJK(C) Tung Hua, SJK (C) Ladang Hillside, Zenith International School, REAL Kids, SJK (T) Convent Seremban, attracts families with children, fostering a thriving community that can support and contribute to the growth of businesses in the area

The strategic location of S2 is undeniably geared towards facilitating business and commercial ventures, placing accessibility as a top priority. The existing connectivity infrastructure within the area ensures seamless access to key destinations. With the presence of toll plazas and gantries like Seremban, Ainsdale, and Port Dickson, commuting to major hubs such as Kuala Lumpur, KLIA, KLIA 2 airports, and other parts of the Peninsula becomes effortless and time-efficient.

“Reputable developers like IJM, renowned for their stellar track records and strategic choices like S2, greatly contribute towards creating products that are sound investments,” emphasized Mr. Chai. “Discerning investors recognize the immense potential of Nexus and our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional quality. With meticulous attention to detail, we are dedicated to crafting functional spaces that offer an ideal environment for prosperous business ventures within our esteemed township.”

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