The next stage in the evolution of the i-City Golden Triangle (i-City GT) will be instrumental in escalating the RM10 billion development into a world-class technology hub.

This will be a critical development area as it will involve developing the iconic 78-storey IGT Tower, set to be the tallest structure in Selangor, and attracting global technology companies.

I-Berhad executive chairman Tan Sri Lim Kim Hong said IGT Tower is envisioned as a centre for technology and innovation.

Adjoining IGT Tower will be a medical and wellness campus developed on par with international standards, he said.

I-Berhad is scaling up i-City GT in line with Selangor Structure Plan 2035, and in its drive to become a liveable smart, and sustainable city.

The Selangor Structure Plan 2035 will involve various aspects of development from housing, physical land use, transportation, business, tourism, community facilities, environmental protection, utilities, and infrastructure development. It will be the main reference for Selangor’s physical planning and help drive economic growth for the next 20 years.

The powerhouse of Selangor

Lim said i-City SGT bears the hallmarks of what San Francisco is to the United States.

San Francisco’s status and prosperity have benefited from the presence of technology-based (tech-based) industry giants. Spanning the southern portion of the San Francisco Bay Area, cities in Silicon Valley comprises many global tech leaders. San Jose plays host to tech giants like Cisco and Adobe while in Redwood City, Oracle and Box lead the competition. Cupertino is home to Apple’s headquarters and Mountain View boasts Googleplex.

Lim said i-City SGT is working along the same lines as San Francisco and is coming close to having the presence of several global tech-based giants.

Over the past few years, i-City GT has positioned itself as a centre of innovation and development. To fulfill an ambition to become a liveable smart and sustainable city, the modern metropolis has been harnessing digital and smart technologies to transform the way people live, work and play amid a vibrant setting.

The strong presence of multinational technology companies and international brands in i-City GT is a testament to the developer’s focus and leadership in this area.

The developer has for i-City GT been forging partnerships with technology leaders including Huawei International, HIKVision, and SenseTime.

In time to come, i-City GT will become a powerhouse of innovation and technology for businesses and it would continue to drive economic growth. This, coupled with top-notch facilities, amenities, and infrastructure, will provide a stimulating business events destination to attract international events.

The current i-City GT encompasses international brand names such as DoubleTree by Hilton (to open in 2022), Best Western, and Central i-City Mall.

It is also home to Menara Sumurwang, a new Green Building Index-certified Grade-A office tower, some 5,000 completed apartments, cyber office suites, a Tier-3 data centre, and a CNN-accoladed digital light scape park with theme park attractions.

Coming up is BeCentral, a 52-storey tower comprising luxury residential units ranging in size from 632 square feet (sq ft) to 793 sq ft, each selling from RM484,000. Already more than 100 units have been booked.

BeCentral, situated next to DoubleTree by Hilton and Central i-City Mall is equipped with information technology features such as face recognition for entry to the five-star lobby, an Artificial Intelligent lock-set, and i-City SuperApp.

The ABCs of technology

This infusion of technology into i-City GT currently embodies Artificial Intelligence (A), Big Data (B), and Cloud Computing (C) and this is key to unlocking the overall property value of the development.

Currently wired by a 400G capable high-availability network, connectivity in i-City GT is now future-proofed and this is where the development stands out, further complemented with the ABCs of technology.

The symbiotic relationship between A, B, and C is more evident in the i-City SuperApp, underpinned by the unpacking of big data stored over cloud computing, enabled by artificial intelligence applications or algorithms. This single platform connects the i-City GT community where they can do things online with ease and super fast. They can use the i-City SuperApp to order or shop online, car parking, check or pay utility bills, as well as search for tenants and jobs, amongst many others.

“The i-City GT we see unfolding today is founded on the determination to offer a fully integrated lifestyle township with the infusion of cutting edge technologies. We are building in the next generation of live, work, play.

“We strive to make i-City GT a liveable smart and sustainable city. We want more people to walk about in i-City GT then drive their cars so it is safe and hopefully carbon-free. We are beautifying the landscape designs in i-City GT with a delicate balance of hardscape and softscape to create a lovely ambiance and harmony. We want i-City GT to be safe, lively, and vibrant for the community,” said Lim.

News Source: New Straits Times / Sharen Kaur , 13 July 2021.

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